Caravan to Class

Rex Grantee Gets Kids to School in Africa


We recently received this update from Barry Hoffner, of recent Rex grantee Caravan to Class, about the organization’s work. We’re proud to be part of this, and wanted to share it with all of you, because it’s your generosity that makes it all happen!

Dear Cameron:

Personal greetings from Timbuktu, Mali. I came here to visit our Samdiar school under construction, thanks to the generous grant from the Rex Foundation.

I was happy to visit the school that Caravan to Class built last year in the village of Tombouz. Though the students were on school break, I loved seeing the finished school, the new well next to the school, and new block of toilets. Most of all, I loved seeing the writing on the blackboard from before the students were on break. In the 6th grade classroom, there was a test on the blackboard with one essay question being “what was the role played by Djenne and Timbuktu in the 16th century?” The head of the village of Tombouz was overjoyed to see me again and asked to send a special thank you to the donors who made the Tombouz school possible.

Today, I visited out current school construction project in the village of Samdiar. Samdiar is a very large village right on the Niger river about 20 kilometers from the town of Timbuktu. It is an ethnically mixed village of Songhay, Tuareg, Peul and Bozo who seem to get along well together. I am enclosing some pictures of the vista to Samdiar. The head of the area’s commune (a commune is comprised of 15-20 villages) even showed up and told me that the school was the first made of cement in his whole commune. The village chief was very happy and said “you came to our village, on behalf of Caravan to Class, one year ago and said you would build us a school. You have done that. No one has ever done anything like that for our village. We will remember you and your donors forever.”

Watch a short video about the project: