Environmental Protection Information Center

Rex helps with an EPIC battle to save the redwoods!


The recent announcement that Charles Hurwitz and his Maxxam Corporation will no longer be in control of logging old growth forests in Humbolt County is a victory for environmentalists everywhere. Maxxam Corporation engaged in highly destructive logging practices that put old growth forests at greatest risk as well as serous long-term troubles for the local economy. Rex Foundation can feel proud of providing funds for a key leader in the effort to stop the destructive logging practices in the region. The Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) received two grants from Rex over the last 20 years to help with organizing and keeping the heat on Maxxam and the courts to protect our forests. With the word that a bankruptcy judge will now be transferring control to Mendocino Redwood Company(MRC), known for more sustainable logging practices, the residents of the area can be assured that economy will continue to thrive while all Californians can rejoice over the protection of our old growth forests.

The MRC Plan comes closest to implementing the standards EPIC advocates for timber management in the Redwood Region. These standards flow from three core principles for timberland management: recovery of high-quality timberland and wildlife habitat for salmon & steelhead and other aquatic, terrestrial, and avian wildlife; recovery of an economy based on these resources and full integration of the region’s human communities in these

Rex is committed to funding grassroots efforts like EPIC to ensure the preservation of and conservation of our environment. Thank you to all our supporters for helping support this critical work.