Cathedral Shelter of Chicago

Through the Years With Rex in Chicago


We’re delighted to be returning to Chicago this weekend, and looking forward to seeing the many  friends we’ve made there over the years. It seems like just the other day we were celebrating our 20th anniversary at the inaugural Black Tie-Dye Ball with our longtime supporters Dark Star Orchestra, who’ll be playing a Rex Musical Caravan show on Thursday. And of course, at the Chicago Theatre, we’ll be meeting, greeting, and enjoying the tunes at High Steppin’ Into Town.

Along the way, we’ve been able to provide grants to a lot of worthy organizations in the Chicago area, and we’re happy to take this moment to spotlight some of them!


Beneficiaries of the 2004 Black Tie-Dye Ball:

Albany Park Theater Project
Founded in 1996, the Albany Park Theater Project (APTP) is a multi-ethnic ensemble of teenagers creating original performance works out of real-life stories from Chicago’s immigrant, working class Albany Park neighborhood. The program emphasizes three goals: To 1) Create dynamic original theater that represents the real stories of teens and other Albany Park community members in a manner that culturally, economically and age-diverse audience members finds compelling, challenging and inspiring; 2) Help teenagers recognize and achieve their potential, with a particular emphasis on encouraging and nurturing their educational ambitions; 3) Contribute to the vitality and vibrancy of the Albany Park neighborhood, an arts-poor community where ATPT is the only performing arts organization. Today, APTP performs for more than 4,000 people each year, and has built a repertoire of more than 50 performance works integrating theater, dance and music.

Cathedral Shelter of Chicago
Since 1915, Cathedral Shelter has provided effective and compassionate social services, particularly to people suffering from addiction. Through crisis intervention, addiction recovery, community assistance and life skills development programs, Cathedral Shelter works to prevent homelessness and hunger. The Rex Foundation will specifically help support the Christmas Basket program which works to prevent hunger and homelessness through the distribution of emergency food, housing and utility assistance, clothing vouchers and crisis counseling to low-income seniors, people with HIV and low-income West Side families.

Chicago Women’s Health Center (CWHC)
Founded in 1975 by a group of women, including several medical professionals, the Chicago Women’s Health Center provides women’s reproductive health care, embracing the following mission: 1) Provide quality health care and counseling services to all women regardless of ability to pay; 2) Help women gain the skills and knowledge necessary to be effective advocates for their health care; 3) Share information and promote preventative health practices through community outreach; 4) Work in coalition with other groups to identify women’s public health concerns and bring these concerns to the attention of policy makers. CWHC operates as a modified collective, and is the oldest existing women’s health collective in the United States.

Grand Avenue Club, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI)
The Grand Avenue Club was founded in 1991 by a community-wide coalition consisting of adults who had themselves experienced mental illness, their families and friends, as well as organizations that were concerned about the issue of mentally ill adults and their exclusion from every important opportunity that makes life satisfying. The Club provides hundreds of Milwaukee area adults with pre-vocational, employment, educational, housing and recreational opportunities that support their full integration into community life. In 1993 the clubhouse initiated its very successful Employment program, in 1996 its Housing program, and in 2003 the clubhouse secured funding to focus on newly diagnosed younger people (ages 18 to 25) who might otherwise drop out of school because of mental illness. In 2002 Grand Avenue Club moved to a new, permanent downtown location that is easily accessible to every metropolitan area neighborhood.

2007 Grantee:

The People’s Music School

Started in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, the mission of The People’s Music School was to make music education available to anyone, regardless of income level, especially those who have little opportunity for musical instruction. Instruction includes private lessons, ensembles, music theory, voice, performance opportunities and interaction with professional musicians. The School also produces dozens of free concerts each year.