Afghan Institute of Learning

PO Box 1058 , Dearborn, Michigan 48121

Creating Hope International has been working with the people of Afghanistan for many years. In particular CHI has a technical assistance agreement with the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) providing grant writing, report writing and fundraising help to this Afghan run organization. CHI staff work closely with AIL President Dr. Sakena Yacoobi and her staff in Afghanistan providing them with support and help as needed.

AIL has grown markedly since 2001 to become internationally recognized and is one of the largest Afghan women-led NGOs providing health and education services to women and children each year. Based on its own success in communities, AIL is now able to offer training and technical assistance to small local Afghan community-based organizations to help further build the capacity of Afghanistan’s civil society sector.

CHI has helped AIL to increase its annual funding from US $30,000 in 2001 to over $1.5 million today. CHI works to build the capacity of AIL to procure its own funding improving AIL staff skills in management, book keeping and finances. CHI representatives travel to Afghanistan and provide intensive training to AIL staff on various topics related to NGO operations.

CHI staff have also provided advanced teacher training to AIL teacher trainers. AIL is now considered the preeminent teacher training organization for Afghans. CHI has helped develop training curriculum with culturally relevant human rights education, health education, and counseling materials. CHI has trained AIL staff in human rights and helped AIL to successfully introduce human rights training to Afghan women in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Recent Grantee News


2001 Grantees


Afghan Institute of Learning (Graham Award) $10,000 Loco Bloco Drum & Dance Ensemble (Garcia Award) $10,000 Pete Seeger (Gleason Award) $10,000 TOTAL 2001 GRANTS : $ 30,000