Arhoolie Foundation

10341 San Pablo Avenue , El Cerrito, CA 94530

The Arhoolie Foundation was established in 1995 to document, preserve, present and disseminate authentic traditional and regional vernacular music. By our activities we hope to help educate and enlighten the public and also support and reinforce traditional community values.

The Arhoolie Foundation was classified by the IRS as a public charitable and educational non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) status, which means all your donations are fully tax deductible.

Although the Foundation shares its name with Arhoolie Productions Inc., a for-profit, it is not a successor to that Corporation. The Arhoolie Foundationdoes not control and is not controlled by the Arhoolie Corporation or any other organization.

Recent Grantee News


1995 Grantees


A Territory Resource $10,000 ACLU Foundation of Northern California $10,000 African Family Film Foundation $3,500 Agape Foundation $7,500 AIDS Information Network $5,000 American Botanical Council $4,344 American Music Theater Festival $10,000 American Society of Civil Engineers $2,000 Andre House of Arizona $10,000 Arhoolie Productions, Inc. $5,000 Art on the Edge $5,000 Attsa Mattah You $750 Auricle Communications/WFMU $10,000 Baseball Without Borders $10,000 Bay Area Blues Society $5,000 […]