Arts for Humanity!

PO Box 91522 , Santa Barbara, CA 93190

Arts for Humanity! empowers low-income at-risk youth, and youth with disabilities, through participatory performing and visual arts programs.

In partnership with local artists, student interns, and community organizations, the programs cross generational, socio-economic, physical, and developmental divides to make the arts accessible to all. Participation cultivates creativity and gives voice to the underserved while inspiring the younger generation to become future leaders.

Arts for Humanity! believes in a world where the arts are integral to our lives, a world where we celebrate our diversity and our commonality through the power and beauty of the arts.  Programs are at no charge to participants and support existing non-profit services and their clients by going into their centers and shelters and providing an expressive outlet for those who are most in need.

Through programs at the Boys and Girls Clubs, Transition House for homeless families, Isla Vista Teen Center, Transition Program for teens with developmental disabilities, etc., Arts for Humanity! unleashes the creative talents of the younger generation while teaching lifelong skills, promoting inclusion and nurturing self-confidence. Arts for Humanity! also provides invaluable hands on experience to student interns, expanding their world view and preparing them for careers in social service and the arts. These interns enrich themselves while changing the lives of others.

Arts for Humanity!