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Caravan to Class works in Sub Sahara Africa, with a focus on Timbuktu, Mali and surrounding areas, to increase literacy and provide safe schools for tribal children. Immediate focus is to identify areas with significant deficiencies in education. These generally occur due to lack of government involvement where impoverished villages are unable to furnish the resources to provide sufficient education for their children. Current areas of operation are the villages surrounding Timbuktu, Mali, where the formerly nomadic Tuareg have only recently settled. Lack of infrastructure, coupled with a wide range of external barriers make it difficult for children to go to school; Caravan to Class seeks to remove these barriers, making it easier for parents to send their children to school and for children to learn while they are there.

Recent Grantee News


Rex Grantee Gets Kids to School in Africa

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We recently received this update from Barry Hoffner, of recent Rex grantee Caravan to Class, about the organization’s work. We’re proud to be part of this, and wanted to share it with all of you, because it’s your generosity that makes it all happen! Dear Cameron: Personal greetings from Timbuktu, Mali. I came here to visit […]