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4110 SE Hawthorne #272 , Portland, OR 97213

Color Outside the Lines empowers and inspires foster children and at-risk youth, by providing opportunities for self-expression and creativity. The program uses the power of art to transform lives, heal emotional trauma, and to promote wellbeing and happiness. The objective is to bring children from 3-18 years creative projects that will inspire them to be expressive artistically and emotionally while encouraging self-confidence.


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“Talking Walls” Project Connects Native American Artists, Youth

Color Outside the Lines logo

Over the weekend of February 21, 2021, Rex grantee Color Outside the Lines brought three incredible Native American artists who live in the Pacific Northwest together with youth from the Native American Youth Association and the larger community in a special mural project, “Talking Walls,” held at Greenway Park in Tualitin, Oregon. The collaborative mural […]