Culture Jam

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442 Lawrence St. , Eugene, OR 97401

In 2002, the Oregon Country Fair launched a new program designed specifically for teens called Culture Jam. This 8-day summer gathering, held separately from the 3-day main event in July, adds to and amplifies the intention to serve the larger community. With a policy of “no youth turned away for lack of funds,” 55 diverse youth ages 14-18 come together with 25 artists, performers, change-makers and naturalists. Together they explore the arts as a tool for social change; build community that honors diversity and values each member; and inspire each other to take action on the issues they care passionately about. Culture Jam is now planning for its 12th annual event, and since its inception has empowered hundreds of youth. It has also inspired hundreds of youth workers to take what they learned at CJ out into their year-round work with young people and adults, thus broadening Culture Jam’s reach and impact.