Enriching Lives Through Music

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354 Pine St , San Francisco, CA 94104

(co-recipient of the 2012 Jerry Garcia Award)

The mission of ELM is to inspire underserved youth of the Canal neighborhood in San Rafael to achieve excellence in all facets of their lives through music education, performance and participation in a music community. ELM’s goals are threefold:

1. Inspire and motivate Canal neighborhood youth to develop discipline and increase self-esteem and resilience through a commitment to high quality instrumental music education, ensemble playing and performance opportunities.

2. Provide opportunities for ELM parents and relatives for meaningful involvement in their children’s lives thorough increased quality family time, parental pride and closer family relationships.

3. Contribute to the vibrancy of the Canal neighborhood through new and meaningful social networks with ELM families, increased leadership skills, new community partnerships that include both social service and arts providers and provision of neighborhood concerts and music workshops