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2020 Addison St. , Berkeley, CA 94704

The Freight & Salvage believes traditional music is about community building and connection – with our history, with our understanding of the world, the divine, and one another. For generations, traditional music has been passed down around campfires, on front porches, in fields, and in sacred spaces. But in today’s fast paced, highly commercialized world, there are too few opportunities for people to gather, share traditions and build community through music. For the past fifty years, the Freight & Salvage has provided that gathering space, and has been a home for traditional music and musicians. Traditional music will continue to evolve and change as it is passed through generations, and the Freight & Salvage will be there to support and nurture that evolution.

The Freight will be launching a new music program for middle school students in 2019, partnering with the Berkeley Unified School District. The curriculum will be aligned with state standards for music education. The project aims to eliminate barriers and programs will take place at school sites and there will be no fee for participants.