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In 2010, while making the movie “Lost in Africa”, actress Connie Nielsen spent time working in Kibera, Nairobi. She was struck by the deprivation experienced by the poorest in the slum, the suffocating inability to gain and economic foothold, living among open sewers and untreated human waste effluent, with education a seemingly unaffordable luxury. When she returned home to California, she asked David Warner, “Would you build a well with me?’ Together, Connie and David built the Kibera Town Centre (KTC) in Kibera which provides essential water-based services- drinking water, warm showers, flush toilets and laundry services – and adds micro credit and banking services, career development education programs and high speed communications to its array of services. KTC is a locally-driven, high-impact, innovative solution that provides affordable access to critical human services for thousands of people in Kibera to empower themselves and lift themselves out of poverty. Working towards a world where the poorest can access prosperity through local centralized centers offering basic services, arts and job readiness education, communications and savings/credit