Jan Sawka, Artist

Banner from Jan Sawka's My Europe

Artist Jan Sawka Jan Sawka was a painter, print-maker, graphic artist, set designer and architect who was born in Poland on December 10, 1946 and who passed away on August 9, 2012 in High Falls, NY.  A Rex grant in 1992 funded the appearance of his work “My Europe” at the World Exhibition in Seville at the pavilion of newly independent Poland.

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Rex Grantee’s Daughter Continues His ‘Voyage’

Banner from Jan Sawka's My Europe

We’ve all got our tales of the first time we heard the Grateful Dead. Few of them, however, are as notable as that of Polish artist Jan Sawka, who, imprisoned in a military camp for his protest activities, heard their 1969 Woodstock set live with his fellow inmates, on a radio they’d tuned to Radio […]