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38 Miller Ave. #188 , Mill Valley CA 94941

Music Heals International provides free music education to children in Haiti impacted by poverty, natural disaster and disability. In a country where opportunity is scarce, MHI gives children the chance to engage, achieve and thrive through music education. Providing opportunities to explore creative collaboration, self-expression and mastery. Students become engaged learners and leaders while experiencing personal growth and achievement through music programs that build community.

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Music Heals International Supports Haitian Communities in Pandemic

Music Heals International logo

We’re delighted to share an update from Rex grantee Music Heals International. For some years now, MHI has been changing the lives of kids in Haiti with music instruction, as seen in this 2017 video documentary, Fingerprints. Working with Little Kids Rock and Community Organized Relief Project, MHI is working to develop innovative music instruction […]


Music Heals International at Work in Haiti

Young Haitian women drumming

We’re happy to pass along this report from Sara Wasserman, founder and director of recent Rex grantee Music Heals International, which has been partnering with J/P Haitian Relief Organization and U.S.-based Little Kids Rock (also a Rex grantee) to bring music education, opportunities, and support for young people in Haiti. Less than 700 miles from […]