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Musicopia’s mission is to bring a vibrant combination of music performance and education to students and communities throughout the Delaware Valley, with a particular focus on geographical areas that lack adequate music programs or are cut off from the region’s rich cultural life. With the goal of inspiring a deep love and knowledge of great music, Musicopia’s programs promote the transformative powers of music, the value of musical discipline and an appreciation of cultural diversity.

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Musicopia: Sharing the Joy of Music With School Kids


chefs and project coordinatorsSays Denise Kinney, executive director of Rex grantee Musicopia:

“What Musicopia wants for all children in the city and suburbs is to allow them to hear all different types of live music, played by some of the nation’s finest professional musicians. When I speak with students after an assembly, many times they tell me this is the first time they have heard live music.

“For students who have a more intense interest in music, some of whom have the potential to have a career in music, we want to give them a pathway to follow and the tools to use so that they will have everything they need to play an instrument and experience the joy of the gift of music.”