150 Post Street, Suite 342 , San Francisco, CA 94108

Our Goal: To redefine nutrition education by harnessing real food as an individual and social change agent

We believe:

In real food first. The most nourishing foods are fresh, whole, locally and sustainably grown, and prepared at home.

Access to fresh and healthy food should be a right for all people. Our most underserved communities are entitled to the nourishment and empowerment that real food can provide. They are our partners and together we will help them attain a meaningful quality of life.

Empowered communities hold the greatest promise for high impact. We will build on the strengths and accomplishments of individual participants and community partners to create systemic change in support of real food.

By 2020:

We will create a new paradigm for food and nutrition education that allows our participants and partners to form meaningful connections with each other and the larger community through coming together to establish and deepen their relationship to fresh, healthy food.

Program participants will be happier and will see their lives as vastly improved because of their involvement with Nextcourse and a newfound passion for real food.

Professional staff will work side-by-side with our participant leaders and provide the nurturance for them to realize their longterm personal goals.

Our program outcomes will contribute new understanding, approaches and methods joining sustainable food education, personal recovery and prevention services.

Organizations serving disadvantaged and undernourished people will embrace healthy eating is a basic need that must be addressed alongside other physical and emotional needs, and will partner with Nextcourse to improve their outcomes/

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For San Francisco’s Nextcourse, food is a tool for building a better world, and better lives.

We believe it is our social responsibility to make healthy food accessible to the entire community, and we are dedicated to preserving local farms and farmland. Chefs are offering up their skills not to make a better chicken, but to make a better world.”
— Nextcourse founder Larry Bain