Notes for Notes

logo with musical note
PO Box 90632 , Santa Barbara, CA 93190

Notes for Notes is dedicated to providing youth with free access to musical instruments, instruction and recording studio environments so that music may become a profoundly positive influence in their lives. They build, equip and staff after-school recording studios called MusicBoxes: positive, safe, and inspiring recording studio environments that offer youth the opportunity to explore, create and record music.

MusicBoxes are drop-in studios offering free instruction and access to guitars, basses, drums, keyboards/synths, DJ turntables, computer workstations with music creation software and a full recording studio. MusicBoxes are located throughout Santa Barbara, CA at Boys and Girls Clubs and coming soon to Nashville, TN. Notes for Notes was founded on the core belief that music is the universal language of humankind, and has the power to transcend virtually any barrier–be it economic, cultural, racial, or societal. At the heart of the organization is a dedication to the relationships formed through music. The organization makes a point not to censor lyrics as it is the freedom of expression and respect for the creativity of others that drives an open environment in the studio. Music is an incredibly powerful means of inspiring collaboration and connection and Notes for Notes believes it is these relationships that will have the most impact in a young person’s life.