Ol Malo Foundation Inc.

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PO Box 265 , Beals, ME 04611

The Samburu Trust will help pastoralist people to create a better future for their tribes and their children; one which appreciates the delicate balance between people, land and wildlife – the three areas of concentration. Samburu Trust projects are to be community-led by the Samburu for the Samburu, following project blueprints to move towards our ultimate goal of a model structure for working with pastoralist communities. Ol Malo Foundation aims to establish a modular system that can be implemented all over Africa and beyond. They strive to understand and work within the boundaries of the Samburu cultural practices which have allowed the people to survive in Northern Kenya’s desert lands for thousands of years. The focus is on children, from basic literacy to gender equality as well as health and environmental education. Nomadic schools accommodate the Samburu lifestyle. Committed to working in collaboration with pastoralist communities based on individual community needs, projects are hand made and managed by the community for the community. The role of the Foundation is to successfully demonstrate effective and cost-efficient program models so other non-profits can adopt the methodology and practices, demonstrating the possibilities of delivering sustainable programs tailor-made to pastoralist communities throughout Africa.