PAW Fund

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PO Box 99485 , Emeryville, CA 94662

The purpose of this organization is to help low income and homeless people take care of their companion animals by providing wellness services, such as free and low cost spay/neuter and free vaccinations to curb the spread of contagious diseases; as well as education of such pet owners and the general public about pet wellness, responsible animal care and the consequences of pet overpopulation; to nurture the animal/human bond by providing focused animal care support and assistance to those who might otherwise have to surrender or euthanize an animal due to lack of resources; and to keep animals out of shelters by reducing the population of kittens and puppies and keeping animals with their caretakers; to take in owner surrendered pets when possible, and rescue animals from animal shelters for the purpose of finding them permanent homes through adoption; and to create, publish, disseminate educational and informational materials as well as other publications promoting animal welfare and which explore the human/animal bond.