Powerful Beyond Measure

Beyond Measure schoolgirls
PO Box 4333 , San Rafael, CA 94913

Powerful Beyond Measure has partnered with Daraja Academy, a girls’ secondary school in Nanyuki, Kenya that empowers exceptional Kenyan girls living in material poverty by providing a strong academic base and an environment to grow their innate leadership skills. Daraja Academy was founded on the belief that the education of girls living in impoverished regions would empower girls to uplift their families, communities and country. Powerful Beyond Measure seeks to create strong female leaders from marginalized communities in the Bay Area and beyond through travel, peer-to-peer sharing of life experiences, and curriculum-guided lessons on identity, self-esteem, and routes to empowerment. Participants will travel to Kenya to meet the Daraja Academy girls and be similarly empowered with them through a “culture of encounter.” Girls will forge bonds of sisterhood; gaining wisdom, a deeper sense of self and a voice of positive change, and return home to take their place as leaders in their communities