Richard Grace

1210 Rockland Dr. , St. Helena, CA

Richard Grace has been instrumental in delivering much needed services in the field of education and healthcare through various projects throughout the world. Examples of some of his work include the following:
– Building a medical clinic on the grounds of Shechen Monastary in Kathmandu, Nepal. More than ten years later that clinic is seeing over 100 underserved citizens each day.
– Refurbishing a school in Eastern Tibet (Kham) where the children were drinking fecal infected water, were freezing in their dormitory and classroom, and had virtually no classroom supplies. The kids now drink clean water, are warm in the classroom and dormitory, and have a much better set of supplies in each classroom.
– To help girls in Ganze Prefecture in Eastern Tibet to overcome the horrendous conditions that they had to endure, volunteers and built a dormitory and classrooms and assisted with a new cafeteria. 100 young girls are now living and learning in a much better environment.
– Taking numerous individuals off the streets of Kathmandu, Lhasa and Bangkok and ensuring their quality of life and their access to education. He has visited each of these people once or twice yearly and in every instance they have taken advantage of the opportunity afforded them. Instead of being unemployed, street people, beggars, or prostitutes, they are now all exposed to a more fulfilling lifestyle and can be contributors to a more harmonious, just, and peaceful planet