Siskiyou Land Conservancy

PO Box 4209 , Arcata, CA 95518

The purpose and mission of Siskiyou Land Conservancy (SLC) is to protect biologically important lands and streams in the five northwestern counties of California (Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity, Mendocino and Siskiyou) and to encourage local residents to build sustainable communities that naturally integrate with these lands. SLC’s most notable recent accomplishments include restoration and education projects, as well as an ongoing environmental justice campaign, through the Smith River Estuary Enhancement Program. The Estuary Enhancement Program primarily seeks reduction and eventual elimination of 300,000 pounds of highly toxic pesticides used to grow Easter lilies on bottomlands that surround the Smith River estuary. The Smith River is California’s only major undammed river, and it is one of the healthiest and most important salmonid streams on the West Coast.