Sweet Relief Musicians Fund/ Rex Roadie Fund

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2601 E. Chapman Ave., Suite 204 , Fullerton, CA 92831

The Rex Roadie Fund was created by Sweet Relief in partnership with the Rex Foundation to help ill, disabled and economically challenged crew who are facing financial hardship*. One hundred percent of the money donated into this fund will go toward helping roadies, tour managers, stage managers, and all production crew who work behind the scenes. Contributions to this Fund will help pay for such things as medical expenses, housing, food and vital living expense such as utilities, clothing, transportation, program services and counseling. You may not know their names, but their contributions to music are critical; your generosity towards helping them is both crucial and appreciated.

*During the COVID-19 crisis applicants do not need to be sick to be eligible for assistance


Instagram:  @sweetreliefmusiciansfund