Tibet Child Nutrition and Collaborative Health Project

The Tibet Child Nutrition and Collaborative Health Project, founded in 1993, includes traditional Tibetan doctors, a western-trained Tibetan physician, Chinese health care workers, and several Western practitioners, dedicating themselves to the health of Tibet’s children.
For nearly a decade Dr. Nancy Harris has spent half of each year on the Tibetan plateau. In what can only be described as a raw physical and political climate, she and her partners have succeeded in bringing medical care to more than 8,500 Tibetan children and families, often at sub-zero temperatures in settlements at altitudes of over 13,000 feet, without benefit of electricity, heat or running water.
The project has distributed more than half a million dollars worth of medical supplies and has held workshops and training classes for more than two hundred health workers. The team is spearheading programs to combat malnutrition and rickets and fighting child and maternal mortality through a health care training and midwifery program. Many of the public health experts who initially thought Harris’ vision impossible now praise the project for its creative solutions to the health emergency in Tibet.