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3150 Paradise Dr. , Tiburon, CA 94920
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The Tiburon Salmon Institute is premised on the belief that children have power. By teaching and giving children hands on experience, they learn life skills that will help them to rebuild dwindling habitat and save the remaining salmon fishery that now exists. Through projects such as the salmon rearing pens at the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies, children of different ages will actually care for and manage 76,000 fingerling salmon in floating pens. This project has been run by the San Francisco Tyee Club for over 30 years, releasing over a million salmon into our San Francisco Bay.

Recent Grantee News


Tiburon Salmon Institute in Jeopardy

tiburon salmon institute

We just received this urgent message from Rex Board Member Rosalie Howarth, reporting that Rex grantee the Tiburon Salmon Institute is being evicted from its longtime home due to an apparent real estate deal by San Francisco State University, the landlord. The Marin Independent Journal quotes Congressman Jared Huffman, who calls the move: “A little community-supported salmon […]


Rex Grantee Tries Something New to Help Salmon

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Rex grantee the Tiburon Salmon Institute is participating in an innovative program to help young fish survive the stressful conditions caused by California’s current drought — by saving them an arduous trip through dry river conditions. On April 9, 2014, the first in a planned series of trucks carrying 100,000 young Chinook salmon smolts arrived […]


New Boats for Tiburon Salmon Institute!

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We just heard from 2011 Rex grantee the Tiburon Salmon Institute that, in addition to releasing 10,000 healthy young salmon into the San Francisco Bay as part of the Kiss & Release program, they’ve just received a donation of two boats. As part of the Institute’s mission of “empowering today’s youth to save tomorrow’s salmon,” […]