Tule Elk Park Child Development Center

2110 Greenwich St, , San Francisco, CA 94123

Tule Elk Project provides a vegetable garden and a garden educator to the school to establish healthy food habits from the earliest age possible in a low-income community. Our objective is to expose children to healthy living and good eating habits who otherwise may not have the means to grow food or afford natural foods. We aim to combat obesity and the “disconnect” urban children have from the natural world by teaching them where real food comes from and share the joy of watching it grow!

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Tule Elk Park Child Development Center

Originally founded in 1943, as the Yerba Buena Children’s Center, Tule Elk Park is part of the San Francisco public school system, with a full-day program for toddlers and preschoolers and an after-school program for kindergarteners through 4th graders.

Like most urban schools, the center was, for most of its existence, a barren expanse of concrete and asphalt, in a neighborhood where even a street tree is a rarity. But in 1990, it began a remarkable process of self-transformation that’s still ongoing.