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Rush University Medical Center, 600 South Paulina Ste 717 , Chicago, IL 60612

In 1991, the students of Rush University Medical Center developed an organized outreach effort that is totally student run. They service primarily the westside of Chicago; however, they will also engage in city-wide efforts focused on improving the health of all residents. The weekly programs are located within homeless shelters, public schools, community centers and nursing homes and also on the floors of Rush.

One of the many community service programs the students deliver is videoPEACH. This program touches the hearts of children hospitalized and enhance their lives. The grant to videoPEACH will make possible a portable “Video Booth” that can be wheeled to any patient room in the hospital. In addition to cameras and editing software, the booth will contain fun props and costumes, green screens, art supplies, and musical instruments.  Patients will work with trained volunteers to create simple videos that can be shared online, publicly or privately. On-Call Video Booth enables kids to relate their illness experience, lip-dub their favorite songs, or broadcast an original show to the world…live!