Voices Together

5007 South Park Drive Ste. 230 , Durham, NC 27713

Voices Together seeks no less than a fundamental shift in society – where every individual is welcomed and celebrated for his or her abilities and unique, valuable voice.

Voices Together is a specialized and evidence-based program that has had transformational outcomes in North Carolina communities and public school special education classrooms since 2007. The program is an educational model that is music-based and facilitated by board certified music therapists. These interactive and motivational groups have helped students with developmental disabilities speak, learn, express their thoughts and needs, identify and regulate their emotions, build leadership skills and connect with their peers. All of these areas are great challenges for this population. Because of these outcomes, the programming has grown over the last seven years from eight participants to approximately 650 and is considered a best practice in special education classrooms across the Triangle and Triad regions of North Carolina.