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Creative Alliance

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The Creative Alliance builds communities by bringing together artists and audiences from diverse backgrounds to experience spectacular arts and education programs and engage in the creative process. We provide support to area artists, promote Baltimore as a center for creative production, act as a positive force in our community, and advocate for cultural expression rooted […]


Filament Theatre Ensemble

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Filament Theatre Ensemble’s mission is to pioneer a system of theatre-making that simultaneously profits their arts community, their neighborhood and our Earth. FTE believes that the performing arts are necessary tools for imagining what is needed to achieve a thriving society and are therefore essential contributors to individual, community and environmental health. They accomplish that […]


Bob Weir to Help Rex grantee Project Avary Celebrate its 10th Anniversary

If you are going to be in San Francisco on Wednesday, March 4th, please join Project Avary at the Great American Music Hall for an intimate evening that promises to be a literary and musical treat. Project Avary offers summer and family camps, field trips, and leadership programs for children with incarcerated parents. Founded by […]


Mickey Hart: Drumming As Peacemaking Tool

Mickey Hart says: “Humans are rhythm machines. That’s what life is built on, rhythm, so when you share that with someone you make a connection at a very deep level. You get to understand their emotions, their hopes, dreams, fears, whatever. “When you entrain you get in sync, you have common ground, you’re touching the […]


Drums for Peace

We’re really excited about the latest Food for Thought story on the Rex Foundation site. It’s about a recent project in which Christine Stevens, renowned drum circle leader and friend of Mickey Hart, was invited to come to Iraq and teach drum circles to local people as a peacemaking tool. The results were very moving, […]


Watch Our Video!

Recently Rex joined forces with some of its grantees to actually engage youth in raising awareness of human rights issues, creating a stage production called “The World As It Could Be: A Declaration of Human Rights” — and producing a DVD of the event.


Why Not Teach the Kids the Music They Like?

Why Not Teach the Kids the Music They Like? Little Kids Rock Takes a Radical Approach to Musical Education in the Schools  by Mary Eisenhart The sad state of music and arts education in most of America’s schools, especially the public ones, is an oft-told tale. In 1996, a Bay Area teacher decided to do […]


Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls

Discovering their inner musician, New York girls and young women find a whole new way to look at life. By Mary Eisenhart “We’ve found that girls who might not have ever met in their home communities in New York can come together and share a love of music, start working together and bring their ideas […]


Tule Elk Park

Tule Elk Park Child Development Center By Mary Eisenhart “Whatever landscape a child is exposed to early on, that will be the sort of gauze through which he or she will see all the world afterwards.” — Wallace Stegner (quote at entrance to Tule Elk Park) “Rita, who’s she?” an inquiring 5-year-old, pointing in my […]


Rock The Earth

Rock the Earth: Defending the Planet ‘One Beat at a Time’ By Mary Eisenhart “For the environmentally-minded artist, we’re one-stop shopping – not only can we take action on the issue, but we can also conduct the necessary education, publicity and fundraising to mobilize their fanbase and fund the advocacy activities.” – Marc Ross, Rock […]