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2014 Grantees

banana slug string band

Banana Slug String Band $5,000 Centro Legal de la Raza $2,500 Conscious Alliance (2014 Bill Graham Award) $10,000 Figures in Flight $5,000 Filament Theatre Ensemble $2,500 Grateful Garment Project $5,000 KEYS: Kids Empowered by Your Support $4,500 Pathways To Hope $5,000 Project Censored $5,000 Stagebridge $5,000 Telluride Fire Festival $2,500


Pathways to Hope

The Cell Dogs program of Pathways to Hope rescues shelter dogs, and teaches inmates in the Orange County Correctional System how to care for them and to train them for home adoptions, or to become assistance dogs. The Rex grant is to specifically support the Autism Dogs program. Women in the Correctional Institution for Women […]