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Wounded Warrior

Wounded Warrior Project Disabled Sports USA by Mary Eisenhart Back in the late ’60s, Kirk Bauer, a decorated soldier, a lifelong athlete, and the kind of guy who had frequently cut school in his native Oakland to go surfing in Santa Cruz, lost a leg in combat in the Vietnam War and endured a grueling […]


Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls

Discovering their inner musician, New York girls and young women find a whole new way to look at life. By Mary Eisenhart “We’ve found that girls who might not have ever met in their home communities in New York can come together and share a love of music, start working together and bring their ideas […]


More Than A Cooking Class

For San Francisco’s Nextcourse, food is a tool for building a better world, and better lives By Mary Eisenhart “We believe it is our social responsibility to make healthy food accessible to the entire community, and we are dedicated to preserving local farms and farmland. Chefs are offering up their skills not to make a […]


Tule Elk Park

Tule Elk Park Child Development Center By Mary Eisenhart “Whatever landscape a child is exposed to early on, that will be the sort of gauze through which he or she will see all the world afterwards.” — Wallace Stegner (quote at entrance to Tule Elk Park) “Rita, who’s she?” an inquiring 5-year-old, pointing in my […]


Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity

Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity By David Large “You are not a human being in search of spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.” — Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Generation Y – Everyone wants them when they have money to spend. It’s all about “market share.” But what about the […]


Rock The Earth

Rock the Earth: Defending the Planet ‘One Beat at a Time’ By Mary Eisenhart “For the environmentally-minded artist, we’re one-stop shopping – not only can we take action on the issue, but we can also conduct the necessary education, publicity and fundraising to mobilize their fanbase and fund the advocacy activities.” – Marc Ross, Rock […]


The Innocence Project

A Rex grantee in 1995, this law clinic at the Cardozo School of Law is often the last hope of the wrongfully convicted. by Mary Eisenhart On May 5, 2006, a Virginia jury awarded Earl Washington Jr. a $2.25 million judgment against the estate of state police inspector Curtis Reese Wilmore, having found that Wilmore, […]


Tiny Group, Huge Impact

North Bay’s New Economy Working Solutions (NEWS) helps working families, by getting often-hostile factions to form coalitions and work together by Mary Eisenhart “Winning the Community Benefits Agreement from the SMART train transit district has really emboldened all of us. All of these groups have been working in these trenches for years. None of us […]


Food for Change

Buy Local, Buy Fresh at Oakland’s People’s GroceryBy David Large “We envision a future model for the organization in which a farm and a grocery store work together as one whole. This will be an innovative model in reformulating the role of a grocery to become both a central hub of wellness services and of […]