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Youth Beat

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Youth Beat provides free digital media training, youth development and employment opportunities in the media industry for students in Oakland public schools. Youth Beat offers after-school film, animation and TV production classes in conjunction with Oakland Unified School District TV station KDOL, plus summer programs and paid internships. Classes are free and taught by accomplished […]


Ultimate Impact

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Ultimate Impact is a youth development organization that uses the team and sport of ultimate Frisbee as the framework for providing youth from underrepresented communities with increased opportunities, confidence, communication abilities and conflict-resolution skills. Through weekly training sessions, peer interaction and consistent adult mentorship, Ultimate Impact creates a positive environment for youth to have fun, […]


Ulster Immigrant Defense Network

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The Ulster Immigrant Defense Network is a grassroots, non-profit coalition formed by local faith communities and concerned residents to provide a network of safety and support for our immigrant friends and neighbors. To protect and support our immigrant neighbors, and assist asylum seekers in our community, with pathways to citizenship. UIDN operates a helpline and […]


The Other 98% Lab

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Other 98% specializes in winning the battle of the story through meme warfare with some of the Internet’s most viral political content (videos, articles, memes, actions). We concentrate our firepower on Facebook, for 1.6 billion people are on Facebook every day, with 45% of Americans reporting they get their news primarily from Facebook. Funding will […]


Music Heals International

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Music Heals International provides free music education to children in Haiti impacted by poverty, natural disaster and disability. In a country where opportunity is scarce, MHI gives children the chance to engage, achieve and thrive through music education. Providing opportunities to explore creative collaboration, self-expression and mastery. Students become engaged learners and leaders while experiencing […]


Kid Pan Alley

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Kid Pan Alley is an arts organization that facilitates collaborative songwriting among children of all ages. Empowering and inspiring children to work together to become creators of their own music and culture, Kid Pan Alley was founded in 1999 by musician and composer Paul Reisler. Kid Pan Alley has worked with students as young as […]


Farm to Pantry

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Farm to Pantry nourishes those who are hungry or have limited access to nutritious produce by engaging volunteer gleaners to harvest, collect and deliver excess produce. Since 2008, over 200 tons of produces have been distributed weekly to more than 30 hunger relief agencies that provide food to those in need, to low income residents […]