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Rex Jam Report #3 – All Good

All Good Music Festival and Camp-outMasontown, WV – July 10-13, 2008Band: The Bridge (and Medeski, Schofield and Dietch)In support of University High School and Morgantown High School, music and arts programs. The All Good Festival provided the Rex Foundation with some amazing opportunities to raise awareness and raise funds. The good folks at Walther Productions […]


Rex Jam Report #2 – High Sierra

High Sierra Music Festival,Quincy, CA – July 5, 2008Band: RatdogIn support of Plumas County Save our Schools, music and arts programs. While the firefighters fought to control the blazes, several thousand people found ways around the fires to make it to the High Sierra Music Festival this past weekend. This was my second time attending […]


Rex Jam Report #1 – Mountain Jam

Mountain Jam – Hunter Mountain, NYSunday June 1, 2008 8:30 pm – w/RatdogIn support of Family of Woodstock This was the first Rex Jam of the summer, and my first one ever. I think that, all things considered, it went really well. I organized my crew of volunteers – some people I’ve known for years, […]


Rex Jam Report – Summer 2008

“Hi! My name is Elyce Turner, and I’m proudly representing the Rex Foundation and bringing a big hello from Sandy Sohcot and everyone at Rex.” This is how I have introduced myself to several thousand people so far this summer, at Rex Jams across the country. The Rex Community Caravan has taken to the festival […]