What are prescription drugs for erectile disappearance in atherosclerosis?

Erection occurs due to active blood flow to the penis. As a result, all the cavities in it are quickly filled with blood, so the penis increases in size.

Atherosclerotic changes reduce the clearance in the vessels. As a result, the volume of blood flow decreases, which leads to a reduction in the erection. Additional factors that contribute to this are hyperdynamic, obesity, genetic predisposition.

The psychological factor of poor erection

Impaired erection function causes psychological problems, and men become afraid of sex.

It should be noted that the doubt that arises before having sex, in itself, can cause a decrease in potency.

It has been noticed: erectile dysfunction for psychological reasons most often visits the more educated part of men – those who are used to questioning everything. On the contrary, the lower the level of intelligence, the less doubt a man has in everything, including his potency, and the higher it is.

The second most important factor in self-confidence is age. The older the man, the more confident he is. According to statistics, adult men are most likely to suffer from impotence due to age-related physiological changes in the body. Young people most often get problems with potency precisely because of the psychological factor, namely – fear of erectile dysfunction as such.

Also, as an influence on the psychological factor are stress, prolonged depression, trauma experienced in childhood, sexual education in the family, unsuccessful sexual experience. Subsequently, it will be difficult for such a person to overcome his fears without additional help and lead a full sex life.

If you have such problems – do not be afraid. It is necessary to consult an andrologist or urologist as soon as possible. Experts can help in solving problems with potency.